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SCM's Second-phase Project of Mine Dressing System Succeeds in Test Run
Source: Date:2021年04月23日

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The second-phase project of the dressing system for SICOMINES of La Sino-Congolaise Des Mines S.A. (SCM) finished a successful trial operation on March 28 local time in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The electricity company of China Railway Sixth Group Co., Ltd. contributed to the project construction. The successful trial operation marks a preliminary success of the project, laying a solid foundation for the official running and follow-up construction. 

SCM’s Second-phase Project of Mine Dressing System Succeeds in Test Run

The project team of the electricity company in the Democratic Republic of Congo is responsible for installing heating, electricity, power supply, water supply and drainage as well as fire prevention devices for the mine’s dressing and smelting systems and public and auxiliary facilities.  

The trial operation aims to test whether the system meets processing standards and detect problems to optimize the processing procedure.(By Chen Shuang and Xie Zhigang)

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