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CREC's ‘Yidu International’ Wins an Asia Habitat Landscape Award
Source: Date:2021年06月07日

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On May 15, the Banyan Alley Park, part of the “CREC Yidu International” project developed by China Railway Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., was awarded an “excellent real-scene presentation work” by the Asia Habitat Landscape Award. This is the second international design award the project has received, following the gold award of the I-ding International Design Awards.

CREC’s ‘Yidu International’ Wins an Asia Habitat Landscape Award

In pursuit of providing a multi-dimensional space, the Banyan Alley Park creates a canyon-like environment featuring water and cave highlighted by light and shadow, as the natural environment required for the formation of karst cave was taken as a design element. The park features a style of modern simplicity and uses modern aesthetics and materials such as the futuristic geometric section and curved landscape. With water as a central element, the space presents a spectacular scene of light and shadow amid flowers.

Initiated by “Landscape Zhou”, a leading media platform in the design industry of China, the Asia Habitat Landscape Award is created to recognize design works, professionals, and companies in the field of living environment design in Asia. A jury consisting of foreign experts in design and real estate is organized annually to review entries for the award. (By Yang Xingjun, He Daoxin)

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