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China's First Overpass Steel-truss High-speed Railway Bridge Connected
Source: Date:2021年11月03日

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  On October 27, two steel truss girder bridges with a total weight of 30,000 tons on Guangming Road in Langfang City, Hebei Province, were joined, marking the successful connection of China’s first overpass steel-truss high-speed railway bridge, which was constructed by China Railway Sixth Group. The connection took 50 minutes and employed four 500-ton lifting jacks to synchronously rotate the two parts 33.4 degrees and 29 degrees, respectively, in a counterclockwise direction.
     The complexity, accuracy and difficulties of measurement and control technology of the connection are of the highest standards for bridge design and construction. The total weight of the two-way overpassing bridges comes to 30,000 tons, while the rotation accuracy reaches the millimeter level. The connection was successfully completed in the two-hour “break period” during the busiest hours of high-speed rail construction.
     The rotation employed custom-tailored new rotating system closure technology, high-speed rail deformation analysis, and BIM-based full-process intelligent construction solutions. Developed by the project management system, the technologies have all reached industrial or international advanced level. This project has formed the first version of the complete set of technology for the design and construction of overpassing high-speed bridges with steel truss, which will provide valuable experience for overpassing high-speed railway projects in China.

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