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World’s First Full Cross-section Hard-rock Shaft Boring Machine Realizes Unmanned Operation
Source: Date:2022年07月04日

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  China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd., together with the project owner, has put full cross-section hard-rock shaft boring machine from an idea into reality at the construction site for a hydropower station in Ninghai County of east China’s Zhejiang Province. World-level technical problems were solved as downward propulsion and unmanned boring down the shaft were made possible with the machine. It marked a major breakthrough in shaft boring machine making.   

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  With a diameter of 7.83 meters, the full cross-section hard-rock shaft boring machine is based on propulsion technology with proprietary intellectual property right (IPR). It provides reliable and stable propulsion force for equipment. The full cross-section mechanical real-time mucking system, also possessing proprietary IPR, is more efficient, but less energy consuming than traditional mud or vacuum mucking systems. These made it possible to make digging and mucking happen simultaneously for the first time in the world. Another feature of the machine is its first-of-its-kind remote control system, which enables unmanned operation down the hard-rock shaft.    

  Compared with traditional construction methods, the boring machine developed by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. saves more than 50 percent of manpower input, but increases boring efficiency by more than 200 percent. With its features of unmanned down-shaft operation, automatic boring and on-ground remote control, the machine accumulates experience for future similar underground construction projects, and provides a new solution to full cross-section thousand-meter-long shaft boring.

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