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Bangladesh Padma Bridge Railway Link Project "Double Track"
Source: Date:2022年09月23日

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On August 20, the ballastless track of Padma Bridge and the ballasted track laying project of Bangga Hub undertaken by the First Engineering Bureau of CREC were officially launched. Md. Nurul Islam Sujan, Minister of Railways of Bangladesh attended the launching ceremony.

The track works of the Padma Bridge Railway Link Project start from the existing Dhaka Station and end at Jessore Station. The total length of the single line is 162.5 kilometers. There are 20 stations on the whole line, including 14 new stations and six existing stations. The main track is 173.552 kilometers long, including 30.069 kilometers of ballastless track, 47.88 kilometers of station track, 211 sets of turnouts, 450,000 cubic meters of ballast and 370,000 prefabricated sleepers.

The picture shows the KGPG32 wide rail laying machine in operation

The ballastless track bed of Padma Bridge adopts the track bed structure of a concrete integral foundation instead of a granular gravel track bed, which is also the first ballastless track construction in Bangladesh. The KGPG32 broad track laying machine used is a tailor-made automatic special track laying equipment. This set of equipment is independently developed and manufactured by China. It is the first time use the "five-axle frame" new bogie and broad gauge flat car to meet the needs of mechanized track laying of 1676 mm broad gauge railway in Bangladesh. Its technologies such as "four-point lifting and three-point balance principle", "automatic hook design of track panel" and "DC speed regulation" fill many gaps in Bangladesh railway construction standards.

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