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The Guia Hill Pedestrian Tunnel Project in Macao was Completed Ahead of Schedule
Source: Date:2022年09月26日

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On September 16, China Railway International Group, a subsidiary of CREC, completed the design and construction of the Guia Hill Pedestrian Tunnel Project in Macao 43 days ahead of schedule and signed the Temporary Acceptance Record, which was put into trial operation and will be officially opened to the public on China’s National Day.

The picture shows the interior of Guia Hill Pedestrian Tunnel

The project is a crucial livelihood project launched by the current Chief Executive and government team of Macao and is also the first tunnel project implemented by CREC in Macao. The project consists of facilities such as pedestrian subways, flyovers, and lifts of about 300 meters in length. After the completion of the project, the walking distance between the new port area and Gaoshide Avenue will be shortened from about 1100 meters around Songshan to about 400 meters, and the pedestrian tunnel will be equipped with an automatic walking system and vertical elevator, which significantly facilitates the travel of the surrounding residents.

The tunnel’s side entrance of the Macao two dragonmaw park

Since its implementation at the end of 2020, the project has attracted significant attention from the Macao SAR government and all sectors of society, and the media in the SAR have followed up and reported on the implementation process of the project more than 20 times. Chief Executive He Yicheng and Director Luo Liwen of the Department of Transport and Public Works have personally visited the project for guidance and inspection, requiring the project management team to strengthen communication and cooperation, overcome difficulties, promote project construction safely, with high quality and efficiency, and highly praised the performance of project performance and safe production.

Author: Wang Kaiji

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