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China"s First "Four Arches and One Tower" Structure Type Bridge Opened
Source: Date:2022年11月23日

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On September 28, the Huashan Bridge, the main line project of the Huanhu Line in the Gaochun District of Nanjing City, which was constructed by the China TIESIJU Civil Engineering Group, was officially opened.

The picture shows the "heart" landmark Huashan Bridge

Located in the south of Gaochun District, the main line project of Nanjing Huanhu Line connects the east and west sides of Gucheng Lake, with a total length of 9.818 kilometers. It is an important traffic and landscape corridor in the south of Gucheng Lake, which is of great significance to the construction of Gaochun modern comprehensive transportation system, the promotion of urban and rural construction, and high-quality development. The total length of the bridge of the project is 2.322 kilometers, of which the main bridge in the lake is designed a cable-stayed bridge, which adopts the structure of (100 + 50 + 100) meters single-tower steel box girder cable-stayed bridge. The main tower adopts the "heart" cable tower shape, with a height of 82.8 meters, and its "four arches and one tower" structure type is the first in China.

The picture shows the night view of Huashan Bridge

Since the start of construction in 2018, all the staff of the project department has insisted on casting the best quality projects with ingenuity, and successively won the honorary titles of "Anhui AAA Environmental Protection Demonstration Site", "Nanjing Ping"an Construction Site" and "Nanjing Ping"an Centennial Quality Project". 14 patents have been declared, among which "a support device for the construction of steel cable-stayed bridge with special-shaped arch tower and double cable planes" has been approved by the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) and won three national QC awards. In terms of environmental protection, it has always been based on the concept of "harmonious development between humans and nature", strictly implemented the measures of ecological environment protection, and won the honorary title in 2021.

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