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The TBM of the largest diversion tunnel project under construction in Nepal was launched two months ahead of schedule
Source: Date:2022年11月26日

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On October 14, local time, the TBM of Nepal"s Sunkoshi Marin Diversion Tunnel Project, jointly constructed by China Railway No.2 Group and China Overseas Engineering Group, was launched two months ahead of schedule. Pampha Bhusal, Minister of Water Resources, Energy and Irrigation of Nepal, attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech.

Following the successful implementation of the Baribabei Diversion Tunnel Project in Nepal, the Xunkosi Marin Diversion Tunnel Project is another tunnel project for China Railway No.2 Group and China Overseas Engineering Group Development to continue to cultivate the Nepalese market. The project is the only TBM long diversion tunnel project currently under construction in Nepal, through the construction of a 13.3-kilometer-long tunnel to divert the Sunkosi River to the Malin River to irrigate 122000 hectares of agricultural land in Barra, Tahat, Salahi and other areas, while building a hydropower station with an installed capacity of 28.62 MW. It provides 250 gigawatt hours of hydropower annually to alleviate the shortage of electricity in the surrounding areas.

After the start of the project, facing a series of difficult problems such as lack of resources, logistics obstruction and inflation, the project department focused on the construction of incentive mechanism, gave full play to the advantages of performance appraisal, strengthened factor management to ensure production and management to create efficiency. It took only 13 months to complete the overall design of the project, equipment installation and commissioning, TBM renovation, key civil engineering and segment pre-production, which highlighted the brand image of "China Technology, China Quality, China Speed" and contributed to the economic and social development of Nepal.

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