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Indonesia"s Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway Enters the Stage of Overhead Contact Line Wire Erection
Source: Date:2022年11月26日

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On October 19, local time, the first catenary conductor of the Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway was successfully erected in the section from Dekarur Station to Padalalang Station, marking that the first high-speed railway with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour constructed by CREC and Indonesia has entered the core technical construction stage of electrification.

The picture shows the erection of catenary wire.

The Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway is 142.3 kilometers long between Jakarta and Bandung, and 384.59 kilometers of catenary conductors will be erected. The catenary system is equipped with "simplified and unified" catenary equipment independently produced by China Railway Electrification Engineering Group. Compared with the traditional catenary device, the number of cantilever parts of "simplified" catenary equipment is reduced by 39%, the construction and installation time is reduced by 1/3, the stability of product manufacturing and the integration of parts are higher, which effectively improves the efficiency of construction and operation maintenance, and provides a basis for unified standard equipment and intelligent identification of parts failure.

The picture shows the China Railway Electrification Engineering Group erecting the catenary wire

As one of the key control projects in the construction of a high-speed railway traction power supply system, the catenary wire is vividly called the "artery" of the high-speed railway line, and its construction quality directly affects the safety and stability of high-speed trains. The whole line of Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway in Indonesia adopts the constant tension pay-off vehicle made in China to erect the catenary conductor. The equipment has high tension control accuracy and sensitivity, which can ensure the construction quality of the catenary to meet the high-speed operation of trains.

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