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The Panpo-Haomen Section of the Biandukou-Menyuan Expressway was OfficiallyOpened to Traffic
Source: Date:2022年11月26日

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The Panpo-Haomen Section of the Biandukou-Menyuan Expressway was OfficiallyOpened to Traffic

On October 16, the Panpo-Haomen section of the Biandukou-Menyuan expressway, which was built by the China Railway No.10 Engineering Group, was officially opened to traffic. For the whole journey from Xining to Menyuan the travel time was reduced from 2.5 hours to 1.5 hours.

The picture shows the opening of Panpo-Haomen section

Since the start of construction, the builders have overcome the harsh natural environment such as high altitude, cold plateau and strong ultraviolet radiation, overcame many technical problems such as humus soil in aquatic wetland, and successfully built the highway. At the same time, the ecological and environmental protection work has always been put in the first place, and the vegetation restoration coverage rate has reached more than 95% while using the borrowed (abandoned) soil yard.

Biandukou-Menyuan Expressway is an important part of the major passageway linking the Hexi Corridor of Gansu Province, the eastern part of Qinghai Province, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Gansu Province and Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone, and an important provincial passageway of Qinghai Province. Its completion and opening to traffic will effectively promote the development of the western region to form a new pattern and play a supporting and leading role in transportation for building an ecological civilization highland and promoting high-quality economic development along the line.

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