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CREC is the major driving force of China's high-speed rail construction. The Company?has?built lots of high-speed rails, which?account for 55% of China's total high-speed rail mileages. On August 1, 2008, Beijing-Tianjin Intercity High-Speed Railway was opened as China's first high-speed rail; on December 26, 2009, Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway was opened to traffic as the world's first passenger dedicated line with the speed of 350km per hour; on June 30, 2011, Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Rail was put into operation as China's?longest?high-speed railway; on December 1, 2012, Harbin-Dalian High-Speed Railway was opened to traffic?as the world's longest?high-speed passenger dedicated line passing through mountainous areas; on December 26, 2012, Beijing-Guangzhou High-Speed Rail was put into operation?as the world's high-speed railway with?the longest mileages; on December 26, 2014, Lanzhou-Xinjiang High-Speed Rail was opened to traffic as the world's first high-speed plateau railway.

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