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Bolivia's Espino highway completed and opened to traffic
Source: Date:2023年10月22日

On September 21, local time, the Espino Highway Project in Bolivia, which was constructed by CREC and participated by The First Engineering Bureau of CREC, China Railway Seventh Group Co., Ltd, China Railway No.9 Group Co., Ltd and China Railway International Group, was completed and opened to traffic. Bolivian President Luis Arce attended the event and delivered a speech.

In his speech, President Arce said: "The Espino Highway project is of historic significance and will greatly accelerate the connection of the eastern region of Bolivia". Thank the Chinese government for providing financing and technical support, thank Chinese enterprises for using wisdom and technology to build high-quality roads, and hope that the road, like the centuries-old Inca Road, will continue to serve the production and life of the people along the line and promote local industrialization.

Located in the south of Santa Cruz where the Guaran Guaraní indigenous people live in Bolivia, the Espino Highway Project is the core component of the passenger and freight dedicated line of the Bolivian Highway Network No.36, connecting the main international transport lines in South America, and is one of the most concerned projects in Bolivian society. President Arce specifically referred to the project as "an important livelihood project to improve the living standards of the Guaran indigenous peoples". After the project is opened to traffic, the layout of Bolivia's national trunk highway network will be further improved, which will effectively promote the development of resources such as agriculture, animal husbandry, industry and tourism along the line, greatly promote the flow of people and goods in the region, and effectively promote the local economic and social development.

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