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Busanga hydroelectric power plant in the democratic republic of congo was officially put into operation
Source: Date:2023年11月21日

On October 6, President Tshisekedi of Congo (DRC) attended the official inauguration ceremony of the Busanga Hydropower Station and cut the ribbon. The Busanga hydroelectric power plant, a Sino-Congolese cooperation project financed and built by China Railway Resources Group Co,.Ltd.  And other Chinese enterprises, located in the southeastern province of Lualaba.

President Tshisekedi, accompanied by Chinese Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo Zhao Bin, attended the grand ribbon-cutting ceremony. Subsequently, they visited the diversion dam, generator room and other areas of Busanga hydroelectric power plant, and highly affirmed the modern equipment, advanced technology and operation and maintenance capabilities of the Busanga hydroelectric power plant. In the central control room, President Tshisekedi personally pressed the main button for the operation of the generating unit, the impeller of the generating unit rotated, and the indicator light of the generator lit up, marking that the Busanga hydroelectric power plant was officially put into operation.

After all the four units of Busanga hydroelectric power plant are put into operation, the average annual power generation will reach 100 million degrees 13.2, accounting for about one tenth of the national power generation of DRC, which will make up for the national power gap of DRC. 

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