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Full-capacity grid-connected power generation of offshore wind power project in pingtan
Source: Date:2023年10月18日

On September 17, China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group built the world's largest single unit capacity offshore wind farm-Pingtan offshore wind farm to achieve full capacity grid-connected power generation. The completion and operation of this project is an important milestone for China's offshore wind power to move towards large-scale, large-capacity and deep-sea.

The wind farm is located in the northeast sea area of Pingtan Comprehensive Test Zone in Fujian Province and the north mouth of the Taiwan Strait, one of the three largest wind outlets in the world. The water depth of the operating sea area is more than 40 meters and the geology is complex and changeable. Affected by monsoon and typhoon, the annual effective construction window period of the construction sea area is less than 4 months. The "narrow pipe effect" here brings abundant and stable wind resources to the wind farm, but also greatly increases the difficulty of project construction.

It is reported that the Pingtan Offshore Wind Farm is a critical construction project in Fujian Province in 2023, with a planned capacity of 111 megawatts and a total of 11 wind turbines with a single-unit capacity of 8 megawatts or more. Among them, there is one 16-megawatt turbine, which is currently the largest single-unit capacity in the world that has been put into operation. After the entire operation of the project, the annual online power generation will be about 360 million kilowatt-hours, which can replace 103,800 tons of standard coal annually and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 283,800 tons. 

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