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World's first double rotational curved steel truss girder cable-stayed bridge rotated on pier top
Source: Date:2023年12月06日

On November 28, China Railway Investment Group, China Railway Engineering Design and Consulting Group, China Railway Sixth Group, and China Railway Hi-Tech Industry participated in the construction of the world's first double-swivel curved steel truss cable-stayed bridge on pier top, the Anjiazhuang Bridge on National Highway 109, which crosses the Fengsha Railway Swivel Bridge, under the traction of four jacks. The left and right sides rotate 25 ° and 24 ° counterclockwise to complete the magnificent turn, successfully crossing the railway, Yongding River, and national highway.

National Highway 109 New Line Expressway is the first expressway in the west of Beijing, and the swivel bridge of Anjiazhuang Bridge across Fengsha Railway is the only swivel bridge of 109 New Line Expressway, which is the control project of the whole line. The project is located in Anjiazhuang Village, Wangping Town, Mentougou District, Beijing. The line runs from east to west. It starts from the north side of Fengsha Railway and the exit of Huangtai Tunnel, crosses Fengsha Railway, Yongding River, and the current G109 National Highway successively, and intersects with the existing Fengsha Railway at an angle of about 30 degrees. The left side of the bridge adopts a steel truss girder cable-stayed bridge structure, and two A-shaped pylon columns are correspondingly arranged on the two main trusses of the middle pier. The tower's total height is 70 meters, and the swivel weight is tons 15800. The right side adopts a continuous steel truss structure with a swivel weight of 9400 tons. To affect the regular operation of the existing railway and ensure the safety of construction, the synchronous rotation method of the double-width pier top is adopted.

The National Highway 109 New Line Expressway Project is a crucial livelihood project in Beijing. After completion, it will become a rapid transportation corridor connecting Hebei and the western part of Beijing, effectively alleviating the traffic pressure in the northwest and southwest of Beijing, promoting regional economic development, and injecting new momentum into the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration.

The successful rotation of the Anjiazhuang Bridge marks the completion of the superstructure of all bridges along the National Highway 109 project and a solid step towards the opening target.

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